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Do you have a busy lifestyle that involves a lot of travelling or are you splitting your time between different cities? Do you spend too much time trying to coordinate multiple services just to make life run smoothly? Why waste your time trying to organize and manage your life, when you can be living it. Hire an Icon Concierge – we do the hard work for you so that living your life is easy.

How can we help?
Here are Icon Concierge, we offer a range of services to organize and manage your lifestyle. We want you to forget about the small stuff and get on with the business of living. For over a decade we have excelled in providing transportation services to our clients. We can arrange every aspect of travel using our extensive professional connections to ensure every trip is an easy trip. After years of coordinating travel requirements, we now offer our expertise for “beyond travel” services which cater for all of your lifestyle needs.

Beyond Travel services…
When you choose Icon Concierge to take care of your beyond travel requirements, you will be appointed with a personal Concierge. This means you will have one point of contact who will arrange and manage all of your lifestyle services.
We know that each person and each lifestyle is different. We want to make sure you live life the way you want to. Therefore, when you first use our services, your personal Concierge will meet with you to discuss your needs going forward. This allows them to gather comprehensive information about your needs and wants and gives them the unique ability to understand your requirements without the need for constant clarification. Your Concierge has been trained to know the right questions to ask in order for them to get a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. It is only once your Concierge understands those requirements, that they will are able to best provide you with a range of lifestyle management services to ensure that life is yours to live, not to organize. You can count on your personal Icon Concierge to ensure that every single detail is taken care of.
What beyond travel services can we offer?

Our beyond travel services offers a wide range of home based organization and management services to residents in Nashville, TN and Oxford MS. At your request, we will advertise, interview and appoint staff who deliver only the highest quality services to ensure the smooth running of your day to day life. When appointing services for you, we accept nothing but the best. Our aim is that the services we appoint will be so well suited to your needs, that it was as if you had found them yourself.
Examples of the different services that we can organize for you include: – nannies;- housekeepers;- home repairs/upgrades (we will also monitor the services provides when onsite);- groundskeepers;- licensed and armed security (personal bodyguards for events and property);- medical care;- personal trainers, or other fitness instructors (to work in with your schedule); and- car detailing and maintenance: either on site, or, alternatively, at our own facilities.

But these are not the only things we do. Our Concierge ‘s have arranged every aspect of college football, basketball (or any other sport) experiences. They have even discussed college coursework, and found options to best fit our clients’ schedules.
Icon Concierge can offer you almost any service relating to your home or lifestyle needs. Simply contact your personal Concierge – they will be happy to discuss the provision of any other services as, and when, you require them.

Why choose Icon Concierge…
At Icon Concierge, we are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to making your life easier. We offer a highly personalized service where you have a single point of contact, your personal Concierge, to assure that all of your lifestyle requirements are met.
Your personal Concierge is dedicated to understanding the exact requirements of each individual to ensure that they are able to appoint services that are perfectly suited to their needs. We do not engage one provider for each service we offer. We have professional connections, developed through many years spent in the service industry, that give us access to the very best service providers over a wide range of industries.
Our interview and appoint process is rigorous and highly targeted to ensure that we find the provider that is best suited to the individual client. This means that when appointing service providers we are focused on the particular requirements of each client. Our clients have high standards and will not accept the delivery of a service that does not meet or exceed those standards on an ongoing basis. That is why our services do not end when we appoint a service provider for you. We continue to oversee our service providers to ensure that they deliver the same high quality service to our clients throughout the duration of their employment.

Our highly trained team of personal concierge’s pride themselves on their ability to make sure that even the smallest of details is taken care of. Every decision we make, is taken with the particular client in mind. Our drive for excellence means that we will deliver every time.

Why try to arrange and manage all of the different services you require in your life. You don’t need to spend hours trying to find staff who can provide the type and quality of service that you require. Here at Icon Concierge, we make sure we know exactly what our clients want and exactly the type and quality of service that our contacts provide. We pride ourselves on our ability to find the best services providers for each of our clients individual needs. Your dedicated Concierge will ensure that the services that you receive as those that you would have chosen for yourself. This is the Icon Concierge Difference.

If you want a professional, personalized service to help make life run smoothly when you don’t have the time to, then contact Icon Concierge services today on 615-645-1665 (ask for an “Icon Concierge representative”).

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